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a. fabrin

Debut solo album out 12/06 2020 via

Order digital/cassette tape here

Pink sunn

PINK SUNN is an electroacoustic folk project by lead singer Sunn Electra and producer + backing vocalist Astrid Fabrin. Currently working on EP.

'Blind Birds Birth' by KAI OKE featured on compilation tape presented by FUSEM. Available here
still water
'Hibernation' by KAI OKE featured on compilation tape presented by Infinite Waves. Available here


Room installations and ritual live performances as part of the art collective KAI OKE.  Members: Sofie Birch & Astrid Fabrin (sound designers/composers) and Pernille Kjear (animator).

KAI OKE creates installation art with repetitive music and vibrant animations that speak to the simple and primordial forces of brain and body.

Video: Asbjørn Derdau // 

kai oke - Oden til kloden podcast for lobster theremin
Stereo mix down of the full soundtrack for the multi speaker // multi canvas installation Oden til Kloden
otk ep
Debut EP by KAI OKE
Listen here
world's ambient
'NEW Earth' by KAI OKE featured on compilation album presented by Onmyōdō Cassette.
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Amoeba - short film by Kai oke

Abstract 2d animated short film directed and animated by Pernille Kjaer.  Music composed and performed by Astrid Fabrin and Sofie Birch.  With the support of Open Workshop / Miyu Distribution.

emil germ - I'm bringing snow tonight

 Astrid Fabrin contributed with vocals on Emil Germ's christmas single.

Saprotroph - Erik Emil Eskildsen
This theatrical and experimental music is composed and produced by Erik Emil Eskildsen 
Psychotic drama-vokals by Astrid Fabrin. 
Mixed and Mastered by Markus Reuter.
Listen here
Saprotroph - remixes
The Fall (Drescher und Wemmser Schichten Remix) 

Circular Beauty, Circular Doom (Asifeh Circular Storm Remix) 
Taming The Dancing Demon (Levni Remix) 
Missing What Was Never There (Elijah B. Torn Never Was Never There Remix) 
Listen here



Tusindfald is a shoegaze project by song writer, musician and vocalist Jesper Lundager. Vocals: Jesper Lundager, Astrid Fabrin & Sofie Birch

Bass: Mikkel Peder Fabricius

Drums: Rasmus Lauvring

Guitar: Tobias Niemann Brix 

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