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I am inspired by the honesty of the immediate outburst and I find that the relevance of what appears to be the unpolished expression is what has the biggest emotional impact. 








My name is Astrid Fabrin and I work as electroacoustic composer and music producer. I graduated as Sound Designer from Sonic College in 2014 and finished my Master of Music degree from Esbjerg Music Conservatory in 2016. 

I deliver a wide range of genres and styles, carefully tailored for each individual purpose.

My studio is placed in the beautiful nordic nature of Mols Bjerge (DK) - however, I often work in Copenhagen as well.

Currently I am working on a sadcore solo-release co-produced with Johan Carøe.

Furthermore I play folk-guitar, synths and sing backing vocals in the duo PINK SUNN, with Sunn Electra.




Photo by Anders Teibel